Amy Matcheskie


Amy Matcheskie has been serving the retirement home industry since 2007. Her educational focus is Operational Management and Gerontology. “I have dedicated my entire career to the retirement home industry. My goal as Administrator for Champlain Gardens is to support the team in its endeavor to perfect customer satisfaction, maintain compliance and promote the overall success of Champlain Gardens”.

“I extend a warm welcome to you. Welcome to Champlain Gardens”.

Dr. George Mathew

Care Services review and auditing, Infection Control and Pandemic Oversight

Dr. George Mathew has been in the healthcare field since 1991 providing exceptional care to his patients. He maintains and exceeds best practice and is admired for his professionalism, warmth and excellence in client care. In partnership with his wife Mini Mathew he is devoted to the residents and employees. “Our goal is to give back to the community by maintaining high level standards in all aspects of Champlain Gardens”.

Mini Mathew

Accounting, quality control and human resources

Mini Mathew’s experience is a perfect blend between the health care industry and the hospitality industry. She is a significant asset to Champlain Gardens. Mini Mathew’s educational background consists of an MBA in human resources and a Bachelor of Commerce and Accounting. She is devoted to the residents and employees, highly compassionate, competent and detail focused. These attributes are key, driving the success of quality control and the business operations of Champlain Gardens.